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There is no truth to this post (read)
There is no legitimate truth to this rendered dogs in pet food thing. Pets are rendered but the fats are used in soaps and other things of that nature, not in pet food. The book mentioned is very old. I have a section in my message board that helps people when it comes to these myths and rumors. The board url is look in the nutritional area or visit Kibblesense at
Posted by Kibblelady - September 17, 2009 at 8:12 am
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I called several commercial pet food companies. Including Purina. They do use rendered meats in the food. Do you have any info on rendering plants? I am curious because whether the book is old or not doesn't mean its not true. Even if pets aren't in there ,diseased animals and any food not fit for human consumption is. I went on your site and read your information. In the past I have spoken with the owner of Verus pet foods. He explained the process to me. Their food is transported in a truck that is registered FDA and is inspected upon arrival from Tyson. It is funny that you mention that. I only know what I read and I think the general public needs to know all aspects. I have searched rendering plants and other online articles and they say cats & dogs are included. Even if cats & dogs were not included the parts that are in rendered meat are disgusting. The bottom line is quality pet food with NO ingriedents from China and no rendered meats are out there and are either the same price as commercial foods or a bit more.

Posted by cpn2jxp - September 25, 2009 at 10:53 am

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