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Our pets are from:

Updated March 25, 2015

Interested in a breakdown of where our doxies are from?
Here's a snapshot of our users with pet profiles as of the date above.

Breakdown by U.S. State:

CA:   208 pups
FL:   148 pups
TX:   148 pups
OH:   114 pups
IL:   103 pups
GA:    94 pups
NC:    86 pups
MI:    77 pups
NY:    73 pups
PA:    61 pups
WA:    57 pups
IN:    54 pups
MD:    50 pups
NJ:    49 pups
VA:    48 pups
AZ:    46 pups
WI:    45 pups
MO:    44 pups
OK:    39 pups
TN:    37 pups
OR:    35 pups
SC:    30 pups
AR:    27 pups
MN:    25 pups
MA:    23 pups
AL:    23 pups
LA:    17 pups
IA:    15 pups
KY:    15 pups
CT:    14 pups
ME:    12 pups
DE:    10 pups
MS:    10 pups
RI:    10 pups
NV:    10 pups
CO:     9 pups
WV:     9 pups
KS:     8 pups
NH:     7 pups
ID:     6 pups
UT:     6 pups
MT:     5 pups
NM:     5 pups
VT:     5 pups
NE:     4 pups
AK:     3 pups
HI:     1 pup

We finally got Alaska and Hawaii!!

States we are missing:
DC, ND, SD, WY  Where are you guys!?

By Canadian Province:

ON: 23 pups
BC:  6 pups
MB:  6 pups
QC:  4 pups
AB:  3 pups
NS:  1 pup

By Country:

USA:          1925 pups
Canada:         43 pups
United Kingdom: 25 pups
Singapore:      12 pups
Australia:       8 pups
Netherlands:     6 pups
Italy:           3 pups
SouthAfrica:     3 pups
Mexico:          3 pups
Spain:           2 pups
Finland:         1 pup
Ecuador:         1 pup
Panama:          1 pup
Puerto Rico:     1 pup
Germany:         1 pup
Romania:         1 pup
India:           1 pup
Portugal:        1 pup
Philippines:     1 pup
Argentina:       1 pup

It's tough being a dachshund. Common dachshund archenemies:

Vacuum cleaners: 211 pups
Cats:            207 pups
Squirrels:       142 pups
Other dogs:      113 pups
Doorbell/knock:   98 pups
Mailman:          27 pups
Thunder:          27 pups
Strangers:        24 pups
Nail clippers:    22 pups
Rabbits:          24 pups
Loud noises:      18 pups
Water/Bath:       13 pups
Brooms:           11 pups

Our favorite doxie archenemy: Hot air balloons.  Is this a big problem for doxies?!

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Updated March 25, 2015.

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