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My Doxie wont play!

Liaca is a 3 year old mini that we adapted 7 months ago from a girl that had 5 other dogs in a small flat. She also has a past history of being abused by the brother of the girl. I have gotten her a lot of toys ( which she out right ignores or even pushes them away!) to try to engage her...even the treat ball!! So far nothing has worked. I got a real bone and she lights up and enjoys it but its not play. The only time she is excited is when we come home and even then we ignore her a little because she has abandoment issues so we try not to make a big deal that we came home. Any one have any ideas to toss at me on how to stimulate her a little? oh and she loves to run!
Posted by bassotta - January 27, 2011 at 6:03 pm

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