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Max von Putinsnifter

Short- haired mini Dachshund with dapple color from Brookings, OR pet profile submitted by Pootie

Regal Pootie!
Max relaxing on the couch

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Comments about Max von Putinsnifter

  Rating: 9.7886 bones (out of 10)
Rating: 9.7886
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Max von Putinsnifter

Favorite food:

What's that you are eating? That looks good!

Favorite treat:


Favorite toy:

My squeekie cat toy (damn cats!)

Favorite spot to sleep:

Grandma's lap.


I've mellowed out. Still not a big fan of the vacuum cleaner, though.

Pootie writes:

Max crossed the rainbow bridge today, 12/31/2021. Max, you will be missed so much.

Max is all grown up. He's 12 years old and still as full of personality and fun as ever. He's getting around well and is a wonderful dog. We are STOKED to see him as DailyDoxie today.

This is Max. I got him from Wonder Dog Rescue in San Francisco. ( He was eight months old at the time. He's now two years old. Max was the fifth Doxie to join this site so he's an OW (original weenie).

Here's his rescue story:

I didn't intend to get a dog the day I took him, and I wasn't looking for a Doxie, but I feel like Max chose me. It took two whole days of volunteering at the rescue's adoption event for him to warm up to me, and about a minute for my heart to melt when he put his paws on me and wanted to be held. I mean, look at that face and tell me you'd be able to resist!

Part of the reason he was in the rescue was his dislike of strangers (barking, growling, baring his teeth) made it hard to find him a home. Our first few weeks of walks in SF were a nightmare and I could never be sure what he'd do. Now he's mellowed out. He's still not a big fan of strangers but he'll accept a cookie from strangers and doesn't flip if someone calmly tries to pet him. He's not reacting from a fear mentality anymore.

Now, he is a source of laughter and joy, so well loved. He's not afraid to stand his ground and protect our house by sounding the alarm.

Max likes to hunt and has brought me presents such as squirrels. He once flushed a bear out of the tree while I was out hiking and quite honestly I didn't appreciate that. He has hiked tall mountains with me. He is pure muscle, tough as can be, but he's still a lapdog and a cuddler. He likes to eat the ripe berries that are in season, to swim in the rivers and ponds around here, and to ride in the back of the truck on warm days with his dog friends Hannah the Newfoundland and Brownie the mutt.

Max has a good life with us in Oregon. He gets to do big dog stuff but he's still our little cuddler so he has the best of both worlds! We love having him as a part of our family and would gladly rescue any more Doxies.

Isn't he cute?

Being this cute is tiring!
Max... napping. one of his very favorite activities.

Look at that snout!
I'm sleepin'.

I like sleepin'.

Draussen in der Natur....

Lazy days of summer
Sleepin' on the deck, soakin' up the sunshine

Wild weiner!
Max running around out in the field. Cutest. Thing. Ever!!!

This is my bed.
Sometimes, if I am feeling nice, I might let Mama & Dada in bed, too.

Comments about Max von Putinsnifter

February 9, 2022 8:46 am
by Brian from Parksville Vancouver Island, BC Proud owner of Dewy


It's nice to see Max remembered and honored today as DOTD! Max, I'm sure left you with so many good memories that will never fade. RIP Max

February 9, 2022 6:40 am
by fatboy from charleston, MO Proud owner of cap


I am so sorry to read about Max passing on. I know it has left a big void in your heart. We lost our Cao in Oct of I know exactly how you feel

January 25, 2022 11:32 pm
by Brian from Parksville Vancouver Island, BC Proud owner of Dewy


Very sorry to hear of Max's passing, they leave our lives but stay in our hearts forever! I know the hurt you feel, Max is waiting for you over the Rainbow Bridge.

July 1, 2018 3:05 pm
by herbmeister from Tomball, TX Proud owner of Herbie

Max the Wonder dachshund.

Max you are a super DOTD. I have loved you ever since the 1st time I met you on Daily Doxie.

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