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Cory Jo

black and tan smooth coat Dachshund from Kentwood, MI pet profile submitted by Dawn

In the park
Posing for mom at the park

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Comments about Cory Jo

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Rating: 9.9395
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Cory Jo

Favorite food:

Changed to Nutro in 2015

Favorite treat:

Loves all treats, especially cooked liver, cut into tiny pieces

Favorite toy:

Loves any small toy that squeeks, especially fond of the Skineez toys that squeek and have no stuffing inside.

Favorite spot to sleep:

He sleeps in the big bed with mom and dad, cuddled up next to mom.


This would be our daughters dog Skyanne. Sky is a black lab, her and Cory Jo totally hate each other.

Dawn writes:

Cory Jo came to live with us after we answered an ad in the newspaper for black and tan miniature dachshund puppies. We aren't real sure about him being a "miniature" since his weight is now 18 pounds...down from 22. He is our sweet little guy and our protector. He doesn't allow anyone to walk past our fence, he will bark until he's sure he has scared them away. No one is allowed to walk past the front of our house either, he goes upstairs and looks out the bedroom window, there had better not be anyone out there because he will bark them on their way too! He also doesn't allow neighbors to talk, if he can hear them, he will have to put a stop to it immediately. He is shy around other dogs and though we bring him to dog parks and meet ups, he prefers to stay near us and not play with the other dogs. He has 3 "brothers" that he adores, Sammy and Toby, are Japanese Chins and JoJo is a Lhaso Apso/Shih tzu mix. He loves exploring in the woods or tall grass and loves to go away in the car. ------UPDATE, 10-12-12, wednesday Cory started acting differently, not coming downstairs to eat, which is his favorite thing in the world. We noticed him having a hard time going up and down steps and not jumping up on us to be picked up. Just not acting like our Cory Jo, so today we went to the vet. Looks like it may be his back, she gave him a cortisone shot and some pills and hopefully he will be back to his normal self in a week or so. If not he will get an xray and then...well I don't even want to think about what comes after the xray. Please pray for our Cory. Update....11/28/2012. The shot and pills worked! Cory was already feeling better the next day after he had his shot and started his pills. He continues to be back to his normal self, which includes running up and down the stairs, jumping off the big bed, and jumping on us to be picked up. If only he would understand that he shouldn't do those things anymore, but he's a dachshund and a stubborn one at that! THURSDAY AUGUST 22, 2013: Cory Jo is at the vet today having surgery to remove a tumor from his neck. We are praying it isn't cancerous. He was so happy to be going somewhere in the car and I am feeling so bad that when he found out where he had to go he started shaking and didn't want to get out of the car. I know he's wondering why we left him and he is probably so scared. He can come home this evening, I can't wait to go pick him up.
JANUARY 15, 2014: I just realized I didn't update after Cory's surgery. The surgery to remove a tumor in his neck went well and we were so happy to learn the tumor wasn't cancerous. He is doing well except with his weight, I just don't know what to do. We've cut down on his food, we've tried weight management foods, we've used a prescription dog food but his food isn't the problem. His weight problem, we believe, is caused by his habit of eating our other dogs feces. I am thinking of having his thyroid checked but that is most likely not the cause of his weight gain
APRIL 28, 2014: Changed Cory's diet to Welness Core Reduced fat mixed with two frozen medallions of Natures Variety Instinct Rabbit Formula per day. He has lost almost 4 pounds since January! Cory's birthday was april 25, 2014. He turned 9 years old. October 3, 2015...It's been awhile since I updated Corys page, he is doing very well and the last time he was at the vet his weight was down to 19 pounds, the doctor said if he lost one more pound he will be at a good weight! In June, (2015) we woke up on a sunday morning to find that Cory had lost the use of his back legs. I was so scared he would never be able to walk again. We took him to the vet and she gave him a shot and 2 weeks of pills, He was on crate rest for 6 weeks, we only let him out for potty breaks. Each potty break he seemed to do better, we went back every 2 weeks for more pills and at the end of the 6 weeks he wasn't just walking, he could actually run! Now my husband has built a ramp for cory to get off the porch without using the steps, and we have all the stairways in the house blocked off. We were having him sleep in a doggie stroller next to our bed to keep him from jumping off the bed and we got rid of his doggie steps for getting on the bed. He was sad at not being able to sleep in the big bed so now we allow him to sleep with us but he has a leash on and I hang on to it all night, so far that is working well, he can't jump off the bed. Other than that he is doing very well at 10 years old! Wow! It's been a long time since I've been to daily Doxie! Today is September 24 2018 and Cory Jo turned 13 in April. He's showing his age and recently lost the use of his back legs for the second time. He is walking again after a round of prednisone. He's pretty wobbly but happy to be walking. He can't hold his bladder and refuses to wear a belly band. We even put a baby onesie on to keep the belly band on. He can remove anything we put on him in 0.3 seconds, even when his back legs weren't working, it's unbelievable! He hates puppy pads and won't lay on them. We are at a loss, he wets his bed every night. He doesn't do as bad in the daytime because he can go outside when he wants to but nighttime is a problem. He still loves dinner time and barking as much as ever and loves getting his Charlie bear treats at bedtime. He's still our sweet loveable little protector, just an older version now.

In The park
Me and mom went for a walk in the park but she had that camera with her!

This is me, I am Cory Jo

My job is important and I don't mind helping
Cory making sure the dishes have been rinsed well.

Nap time for my bunny and me

Here is me with my 3 brothers
Cory Jo with Sammy, Toby and JoJo

Cory Jo's Halloween Costume, 2008

Cory Jo's visit with Santa Paws. 12-1-2012

Comments about Cory Jo

April 19, 2022 9:00 am
by Brian from Parksville Vancouver Island, BC Proud owner of Dewy

Congrats Cory Jo!

Cory Jo you have always been one of my favorite doxies, I hope your day of doxie fame finds you happy and healthy!

February 14, 2021 10:51 am
by Brian from Parksville Vancouver Island, BC Proud owner of Dewy

Happy Valentines!

Tucker-D and Willie are sending doxie kisses your way today!

December 24, 2020 9:54 am
by Brian from Parksville Vancouver Island, BC Proud owner of Dewy

Merry Xmas!

Willie and Tucker-D are wishing you a Merry Xmas Cory Jo and they hope you get a sack full toys and of course turkey!

November 25, 2020 10:22 am
by Brian from Parksville Vancouver Island, BC Proud owner of Dewy

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you and you're family have an awesome Thanksgiving weekend and a lovely dinner together and be sure Cory Jo gets a little turkey also!

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