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Black & Tan Piebald, Black & Tan, & Red--all miniature from Santa Maria, CA pet profile submitted by babydox

Chloe, Penny, & Gretta in the buff!!
Here our daddy, who is a photographer, had us pose for our nude shots. Mommy says we are so beautiful we don't even need our collars.

More photos below

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Favorite food:

Innova-chicken & turkey brand dog food.

Favorite treat:

Greenies, Bully Sticks, carrots, apples, & anything of our parents! We WANT people food even though we aren't supposed to.

Favorite toy:

Anything soft & squeaky! We love all our doggy Beenie Babies.

Favorite spot to sleep:

On top of the couch, in the sun, in our crate when we need quiet time alone, & in our parents laps or in the big bed.


CHLOE~~I HATE bridges of any kind! GRETTA~~Two words,Puppy Madness==Dusters, the carwash, & KIDS! PENNY~~Being left alone!

babydox writes:

This is OUR story of how we came to live with our wonderful mommy & daddy who love us SO much! Please take a look at each of our tales...or should we say tails?!

CHLOE--I came home with my new family in late April of 2006. I was born on Feb. 23rd, 2006. I am a smooth shorthair black & tan piebald dachshund. My parents wanted me from the start! They just loved my coloring. Mommy had always wanted her OWN doxie puppy so they began looking in Nov. of 2005. I was born at a local breeder's home to red & white piebald smooth shorthaired parents. Their names were Rudy & Diamonte'. My new adoptive mommy & daddy would come up to see me every week with my 2 brothers. I was the middle child, & SO smart. I am a very confident & intelligent doxie girl & like having things MY WAY! I know how to wrap my paw around anything I want & mommy will give it to me. I LOVE to snuggle & don't like to be moved when I am resting. I do my impression of 'growly girl' if I DO NOT like something. I am the queen bee of the house & my sisters do as I say! Daddy says that I am the most spoiled doxie he has ever met. My favorite spot is on top of the couch on my little perch so I can oversee all.

GRETTA--I came home per daddy's request, I was NOT planned! Mommy & daddy went up to see my & Chloe's family after a few months & there I was in all my cuteness, so they couldn't say no. I am Chloe's 1/2 sister. I was born on May 14th, 2006 to a red smooth shorthaired female, & a red & white piebald smooth shorthaired male. My daddy was the same as Chloe's but our moms were different. Our moms were related though, they are full sisters. The breeder had 3 females & 1 male, & all of her females were sisters. I had 5 brothers & 1 sister in my litter. My moms name was Chocolate' & she is not here any longer because a few months after I was born a hawk came down & killed her. It was very sad!! My aunt, Daisy, (not Chloe's mom) had also had babies at around the same time as I was born. She had 5 puppies--all boys-YUCK! I met my older sister Chloe in early June that day she came to visit & we hit it off right away. Daddy loved me because I was a black & tan solid smooth shorthair. He had ALWAYS wanted one & couldn't believe I was still available. They took me home & at first it was tough because Chloe would beat up on me, but it eventually all worked out. Mommy calls me her 'Gentle Giant' since I weigh a few more pounds then my sisters but am more sensitive then any one. I am sometimes scared of stuff but I try each day to face my fears. I am a clown, mommy says. I like to dance & sing, & mommy calls me her little jazz lady. I will sing with the radio, tv, or if anyone is singing around me. I am a STAR!

PENNY--I came to live with my new family in early Sept. 2008. I had been found abandoned & then was saved by a nice lady named Stacey. I went to stay with her at her FOXY DOXY RESCUE until I had a new forever home. I tried a few places but nothing seemed to fit. I met my new family at our local Dachshund group & mommy said she just fell in love with me. I am not a fancy color or anything but mommy says I am gorgeous. I am a traditional smooth shorthair red, but my red is very deep & true. I am always very sweet & loving! Mommy says I look like I'm always smiling because I wear a little grin on my face. My new family came up later that week to see me & play with me, & then I went home with them. It just was meant to be! I LOVE it here! They do everything with us & hardly ever leave us all alone. I was so skinny when I first came to live with them but I am filling out now & getting healthier every day. Mommy said that she had always wanted to rescue a doxie & give it a great home, so I am her gift! Thanks, mommy!! Oh, almost forgot-the vet said I am around 1 & 1/2 to 2 years old. Mommy made my birthdate for the day I came home on Sept. 12th. I am a daredevil! I like to climb rocks at the beach & chase the birds. I am sure-footed & seem to have NO backbone because I am extremely limber. Daddy says I'm like playdough! I like to run around our big living room & have my new sisters chase me. Daddy says we are going to wear holes into the carpet someday.

Girls pose for dad!
Another portrait in daddy's studio. Don't we look precious?!

Hippie Weenies!
This is our 2008 Hall-O-Ween costume. Mommy dressed us up as hippies because she thought it would be funny & cute. We don't mind the costume since it is only a shirt & some beads.

You say dog hairs like it is a BAD thing!
Here we are resting in the warm soft towels just brought in from the dryer. This is one of our favs.!

Pretty Penny!
Here I am in my little yellow sweater. Don't I look cute!?

What, get up?!
Chloe shows she is queen of the big bed!

Beautiful black & tan girl!
Gretta shows us here she is definitely MODEL material!

Boating anyone?!
This is pre-Penny. We went kayaking with our parents in No. CA, & it was so much fun. We can't wait to ALL go on our next trip. Gretta says, "I love to chase the ducks, so watch out because I just might jump out."

Comments about CHLOE, GRETTA, & PENNY

June 30, 2022 9:22 am
by Brian from Parksville Vancouver Island, BC Proud owner of Dewy


I hope this day of doxie fame finds all three of you sweeties enjoying senior life!

November 18, 2018 9:19 am
by Brian from Parksville Vancouver Island, BC Proud owner of Dewy


What could be better than having three beautiful doxies in one house! I hope you have a wonderful day and I'm wishing you all good health in the coming years.

November 18, 2018 7:08 am
by herbmeister from Tomball, TX Proud owner of Herbie

Triple WOW

Very beautiful girls. Always a pleasure to see such such gorgeous girls. Enjoy your day of special fame

April 3, 2015 4:33 pm
by herbmeister from Tomball, TX Proud owner of Herbie

GORGEOUS X 3!!!!!!!!!!

Always a pleasure to visit with 3 gorgeous girls with special stories of their own. Fantastic pics. Enjoy your day of fame as DOTD. Best wishes for many loving years together

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